24Pcs Of Pheasant Poultry & Chicken Blinders With Pliers Peeper Vision Blocker

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1: Absolutely safe: Pinless peepers are painless, and simply clip into the edge of the nostrils.
2: These pinless peeper will help pheasants from pecking each other feathers,their own eggs and pecking anus , to improve chicken survival rate,no more poultry pare spray.
3: Applicable objects: the the pinless peepers are suitable for chickens ranging from 1.1-4.5 pounds for different breeds hens and rooster weighing under 3 pounds, rhode island red, araucanas, isa brown, black australorp, barred plymouth rock, easter egge, birds.
4: Pinless glasses will not hurt chickens or make them bleed and they are resuable.
5: Attach them with included poly pin that inserts through the nostrils.

24Pcs Of Pheasant Poultry & Chicken Blinders With Pliers Peeper Vision Blocker

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Plastic
Color: Red

1.Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement.
2.Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.
3.Please wearing the chicken glasses correctly and carefully.
4.Tried warming them up with hot water to make them more pliable(specially in cold weather).
5.How long do they have to have these on?As long as you need them to, If chickens nostrils is not unfortable.

Package Included:
24 X Pinless peepers
1 X Plier

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