95mm 2004-2009 Yamaha YFZ450 Stock Bore Cylinder Piston Gasket Kit 5TA-11311-12-00

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95mm Stock Bore Cylinder Piston Gasket Kit For Yamaha YFZ450 YFZ 450F ATV 04-13

If your cylinder blows through, the compression is too low, or even a piston seizure has occurred, then this kit is exactly the right thing for you.
Kit includes cylinder, piston, rings, pin, clips & top end gasket kit (you get exactly what is pictured).
Piston is anodized for superior heat resistance and longer lifespan.
The gaskets use performance materials to increase durability and provide greater reliability.
Includes all gaskets pictured to rebuild top end.
Kit is for standard size - 95.00mm bore x 63.40mm stroke, 20mm steel piston pin.
This kit is excellent as a low-cost replacement for defects in the original cylinder.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Quantity: 1 Set
Piston Material: Forged Aluminum
Actual Displacement: 449cc
Bore Type: Stanard Bore
Bore Size: STD 95.00mm
Stroke: 63.40mm
Pin Length: 48mm
Pin Diameter: 20mm

Replacement Part Number:
Cylinder: 5TA-11311-12-00
Cylinder Base Gasket: 5TA-11351-00-00
Cylinder Head Gasket: 5TA-11181-00-00
Chain Tensioner Gasket: 4FM-12213-00-00
Piston(Std): 5TG-11631-00-00, 99999-03528-00
Pin, piston: 5TG-11633-00-00, 99999-03528-00
Piston Ring Set: 5TG-11603-00-00
Circlip, piston: 99009-20500

( Fits YFZ450 CARBURETED models ONLY, Will not fit YFZ450R nor YFZ450X FUEL INJECTED Models.).
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450 2004-2009
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450 2012-2013
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450LE Limited Edition 2004
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SE Special Edition 2005
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SE Special Edition 2006
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SE Special Edition 2007
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SE2 Special Edition II 2007
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450V Bill Balance Edition YFZ450BB 2006-2007
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SP Special Edition 2008
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450SP2 Special Edition II 2008
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450XSE Special Edition 2011
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450W Custom Graphics 2012
Fit for Yamaha YFZ450W Custom Graphics 2013

Also fits 03-05 YZ450F & 03-06 WR450F off-road, only the cylinder and gasket will fit, pistion kit will NOT fit,
cause our wristpin is 20mm, fits YFZ450, and YZ450F & WR450F required 18mm wristpin, you can use your original piston kit, please do not purchase if you can not accept it.

Fit for Yamaha YZ450F 2003-2005 (Only cylinder and gasket kit will fit.)
Fit for Yamaha WR450F 2003-2006 (Only cylinder and gasket kit will fit.)

(Compatibility Chart is for Reference ONLY!!!)
(Please Compare with Your faulty unit and the image we provided to Decide Fitment)

Package Includes:
1x 95mm Cylinder
1x Piston(STD)
1x Piston Ring Set
1x 20mm Wristpin
2x Circlips
1x Cylinder Base Gasket
1x Cylinder Head Gasket
1x Chain Tensioner Gasket

The product on offer is an accessory or spare part and thus is not an original product of the vehicle manufacturer.
The name of the vehicle manufacturer is stated only as an indication of the determination of the product being offered as an accessory or spare part, to clarify, for which vehicle the product on offer fits.

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
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Customer Reviews

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Five stars all the way!

This kit is a game-changer for any YFZ450 enthusiast. The stock bore cylinder piston gasket kit not only restored my ATV's performance but took it to the next level. Engine runs smoother, more power, and no leaks. What more could you ask for? Highly satisfied!

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