B250C PC Mining Motherboard BTC 12P PCI Express DDR4 fit for LGA1151 Gen6/7

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B250C-BTC PCI Express DDR4 Computer Mining Motherboard Fit for LGA1151 Gen6/7


1. This item NOT includes the CPU and Memory Card!

2. Coin Cell Battery is CR2032L 3V(Not Included, you need to buy it your own, installation is simple, Press it into the battery slot.It's done.)


1. Innovative design, convert PCIE 1x directly to USB3.0 interface, reduce intermediate transfer links, reduce costs, reduce signal attenuation, and make continuous long-term work more stable;

2. Upgrade to HDMI-compatible high-definition display interface, which is convenient and practical;

3. Support Core 6th and 7th generation CPUs, easy to use LGA1151, low cost, low investment and efficient mining;

4. This product is made of high-quality materials, durable, long service life, firm and stable in use.Made of high-quality materials, durable, solid electronic components and long service life.

5. Upgraded to HDMI compatible high-definition display interface, which is more practical.


Product model: B250C BTC 12P

Processor: Supports all processors of the LGA 1151 series

Chipset: using IntelB250 high-speed chipset

Memory: 2*DDR4DIMM memory slot, support 2133/2400MHz memory, maximum support 16GB

Display chip: integrated Intel HD Graphics core graphics card

Display output: HDMI-compatible/12*USB3.0 to PCI-E16X

Network: 1*RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet chip

Storage: 4*SATA hard disk interface

BIOS: AMI 64Mb flash memory

Power supply type: support ATX24P+ATX4P12V+ATX6P

Socket type: LGA 1151

Support memory type: DDR4 (2133/2400/2600)

Storage interface type: SATA hard disk interface

Coin Cell Battery: CR2032L 3V(Not Included,need to buy it your own , installation is simple, Press it into the battery slot.It's done.)

Back interface: P/S keyboard and mouse, 2 USB3.0, 1 RJ45

Onboard network function: 100M

Product size: 23*18.5cm

Net weight: 0.39kg

Packing size: 26*20*5cm

Weight with packaging: 0.52kg

Input and output interface:

2*USB3.0 interface

4*USB2.0 interface

1*HDMI compatible interface

1*RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port

1*PS/2 interface

Built-in I/O interface:

1*USB3.0 pin 2*USB2.0 pin

1*COM pin

1*F- PANEL front panel function buttons and indicator pins

Package Included:

1 PC Motherboard (not included CPU)

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