Bluetooth IR Learning Remote Control For Smart TV Box Projector TV Laptop Phone

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1.Bluetooth connection is simple. After the pairing is completed, the device will automatically connect when it is turned on again.
2.Easy to use. 360-degree unlimited angle can be remotely controlled in all directions.
3.With learning function, it can be started remotely. With infrared learning function, after learning the switch button of the original infrared remote control, it can be remotely turned on.

Bluetooth pairing method:
Open the bluetooth in the system settings of your device, search for the bluetooth name "HID Remote01", and then click pairing.

The method of turning on and off the machine key to learn infrared booting:
1. Press the "OK" button and the "Power" button of the Bluetooth remote control simultaneously for 3 seconds, release it after the red light is always on.
2. The Bluetooth remote control and the learned remote control, the two remote controls are aligned head-to-head, the distance is not more than 2CM, press the key to be learned on the learned remote control a few times, the red light of the Bluetooth remote control flashes a few times and then goes out , learning success.
3.After learning, the power button of the Bluetooth remote control can be remotely turned on.
Note: After learning, the switch button has become infrared, not Bluetooth, so press the switch button to aim at the device to be able to remote control.

How to reset the power button to factory settings:
Press the "OK" button and "Volume +" button at the same time until the red light flashes quickly and then goes out, then the learned infrared code value is cleared and returns to the factory settings.

Package included:
1 X Remote Control (not including the battery)

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