Cylinder Kit For CFMoto CF191R CF500 499cc 550 HO CForce UForce U5 ZForce Z5 X5 Generic

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Kit includes piston, rings, pin, clips, & top end gasket kit (you get exactly what is pictured).
Cast piston has super-high silicone content for additional strength.
Piston skirts are Molybdenium Teflon coated to minimize resistance/wear and provide extended life.
Piston dome is anodized for superior heat resistance and longer lifespan.
The gaskets use performance materials to increase durability and provide greater reliability.
Includes all gaskets pictured to rebuild top end.
Kit is for standard bore size - 91mm.
All of the components within this kit are bolt-on ready for a hassle free installation.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Quantity: 1 Set
Piston Material: Forged Aluminum
Engine Type: CF1V91R / CF191R
Displacement: 550cc
Actual Displacement: 499cc
Bore Type: Stanard Bore
Bore Size: 91 mm
Ring: 91x1.2+1.5+2.5
Pin Diameter: 22mm

Replacement Part Number:
Cylinder: 0GR0-023100
Cylinder Base Gasket: 0GR0-023001
Cylinder Head Gasket: 0800-022200
Piston: 0800-040001
Pin, piston: 0800-040002
Ring Set, piston: 0800-0400A0
Circlips, piston: 0800-040005

The models this kit fits are called 550, the engine is listed as CF500 and the engine size is actually 499cc.
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R CF500AU-7S&7L 550cc 2016-2018
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R-C CF500AU-6B 550cc 2016-2018
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R-C CF500AU-8S/8L 550cc 2016-2018
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R-U550 UForce 550cc 2013-2018
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R-X550 XForce 550cc 2014-2018
For CF-Moto CF1V91R / 191R-Z550 ZForce 550cc 2014-2018

Package Includes:
1x Cylinder
1x Piston
1x Piston Ring Set
1x Wristpin
1x Circlip(2)
1x Cylinder Base Gasket
1x Cylinder Head Gasket
1x Chain Tensioner Gasket

The models this kit fits are called "550" but the engine size is actually 499cc. Make sure your cylinder it says "499cm3" on it.
The CF188 is a CFMoto 500cc engine that looks very similar to the CF191R but is not the same, make sure your engine type is CF191R.
The CF191Q (400/450) version of this engine looks identical and even has the same size bore (91mm) but the cylinders cannot be interchanged because the 500cc engine has a longer stroke.

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