DC 5V-36V 15A PWM DC Brushless Motor Speed Control CW CCW Reversible Switch

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15A 5V 12V 24V 36V PWM DC Brushless Motor Speed Control CW CCW Reversible Switch

1: Potentiometer with speed control switch function, button switch function
2: Motor speed controller can provide 15A continuous current for your DC motor or other DC load
3: DC motor speed controller allows the use of pulse width modulation (PWM) DC voltage to control the speed of the DC motor
4: Change the direction of the motor, interchange the positive and negative wires of the motor

Condition: 100% brand new
Input power supply voltage: DC5V-36V
Adjustable speed range: 0%-100%
Overload protection: Yes/15A
Reversible: Support
Support speed range: within 50000RPM
Speed regulation method:Linear potentiometer(270 degrees),with tape switch
Support motor: DC 3-phase brushless motor
Outout current: 15A
Max power: Voltage*Current(For example:12V*15A=180W)
Module Size: 80mm*60mm*28mm/3.15inches*2.36inches*1.1inches
Weight: approx. 85g

1. Before you try to wire the controller, make sure that the power is turned off
2. Cannot use electric vehicle motor.
3. The input voltage should be equal to the rated voltage of the motor, not 220V AC
4. The input voltage must be divided into positive and negative. The red wire is the positive pole of the power supply, the black wire is the negative pole of the power supply

Package Included:
1x motor speed controller

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