External Caravan RV Shower Box Kit Exterior Faucet Camper Trailer Boat Generic

SKU: N002-A025-White

Color: White
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1. The product is made of high quality, with stable performance and long service life. Can deal with various harsh environments outside the car and can be used for a long time
2. With a lock, lock it when not in use, and take it out when it is in use, which greatly improves safety, protects the interior, and is more practical.
3. Hot and cold double valve switch, more importantly, the temperature can be adjusted according to needs when showering.
4. Manual opening and closing, the shower head involves humanization, push the switch, the water can be discharged, and the shower is simple and convenient. "

"Product color: Black/White
Product material: PP
Water pipe length: 1.2 meters
Dimensions: 340*215mm
Hole size: 290*160mm
Product function: easy to use hot and cold tap water for outdoor showers, cleaning tools or fish pond cleaning
Installation location: outside the rear of the body
Water pipe joints: 19mm diameter at the bottom, easy to connect water pipes, one for hot water pipes, one for cold water pipes, easy to install
Product composition: white external shower *1pc; key pair *1pc
Scope of application: Suitable for outdoor showering and cleaning of RVs, campers, and trailers. "

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