31120-HR4-A42 Stator for Honda TRX 500 520 Fourtrax Foreman FE FM 2014-2021 Generic

SKU: M550-A189

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Direct replacement to your original unit
Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation.
Highest grade lamination materials
Highest grade copper windings, resistant to 200 degrees Celsius.
Pick up pulsar coil included
Connector included
All products shipped are tested

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Quanity: 1PC
Type: Generator Stator Coil
Dimensions :
Interior diameter : 41 mm / 1.64"
Exterior diameter : 107 mm / 4.22"
Thickness : 18 mm /0.72"

Other Specifications :
Number of wires : 5
Number of plugs : 2
Number of pins : 5


Honda TRX500 Foreman 500 ES EPS 2014-2017
Honda TRX500 Foreman Rubicon 500 2015-2017
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE1 2AC 2014-2016
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE1 AC 2014-2016
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE2 A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE2 2A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE2 AC 2014-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FE2 2AC 2014-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM1 A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM1 2AC 2014-2016
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM1 AC 2014-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM2 A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM2 2A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM2 2AC 2014-2016/2018-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM2 AC 2014-2016/2018-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM5 A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM5 AC 2015-2016/2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM6 A 2018
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM6 2AC 2015-2016/2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM6 AC 2015-2019
Honda TRX500 TRX500FM7 AC 2015-2016
Honda TRX520 TRX520FE2 2A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FE2 2AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FE2 A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FE2 AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM1 2A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM1 2AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM1 A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM1 AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM2 2A 2020
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM2 2AC 2020
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM2 A 2020
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM2 AC 2020
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 2A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 2AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 3A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 3AC 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 A 2020-2021
Honda TRX520 TRX520FM6 AC 2020-2021

Stator Fit for Honda TRX 500 520 Fourtrax Foreman FE FM 2014-2021 31120-HR4-A42 Generic

Package Included:
1x Generator Stator Coil

Before installing your new stator
Check the AC output of the stator.
Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator and regulator/rectifier
Check and repair any melted wiring.
Use hi-temp dielectric grease on all connectors
Our stator may use a different wire color code than your original.
All of the wires are installed in the correct order; please do not change any of the wiring configurations.
This stator is designed as a direct plug-in replacement and should be used as such.
When bolting stator in, always use locking compound.
If our stator includes a pickup coil, always make sure the air gap is correct upon installation.
All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
24-Hour Expert Online: Solve your installation and product problems

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