Rectifier For Yamaha DT RD 50 80 GT RS100 QT50 FS1 DT 100 175 250 XT 125 200 500


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Rectifier Fit For Yamaha XT500 DT 125 175 250 400 QT50 FS1 RS100 GT80 6V

Direct replacement to your original unit.
Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation.
No assembly required.
Higher grade of electric components.
Improved heat sink and charging capabilities.
The quality exceeds or meet the OEM equipment.
All products shipped are tested.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Quanity: 1 PC
Type: Voltage Regulator Rectifier

Replacement Part Number:

Fit for Suzuki motorcycle series:

Fit for Suzuki A100 1988-1992
Fit for Suzuki CL50 CL50D 1983
Fit for Suzuki CS50 Gemma Quest 1982-1983
Fit for Suzuki DR400 DR400ST 1996
Fit for Suzuki DR400 DR400SX 1999
Fit for Suzuki DR500 DR500SD 1983
Fit for Suzuki DR500 DR500SE 1984
Fit for Suzuki RV50 1983/1999
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50D 1983
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50H 1987
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50L 1990
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50M 1991
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50R 1994
Fit for Suzuki PV50 PV50X 1999
Fit for Suzuki ZR50 ZR50SL 1999
Fit for Suzuki ZR50 ZR50K 1992/1999
Fit for Suzuki ZR50 ZR50S 1984-1999
Fit for Suzuki FA50 1988-1991
Fit for Suzuki FR50 FR50X 1999
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80B 1977
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80Z 1982
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80D 1983
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80M 1991
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80N 1992
Fit for Suzuki FR80 FR80X 1999
Fit for Suzuki FS50 FS50X 1999
Fit for Suzuki FZ50 FZ50G 1986
Fit for Suzuki FZ50 FZ50K 1989
Fit for Suzuki FM50 FM50AH 1987
Fit for Suzuki FM50 FM50AM 1991
Fit for Suzuki FM50 FM50AR 1994
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100C 1978
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100UC 1978
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100N 1992
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100UN 1992
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100D 1983
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100ED 1983
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100UD 1983
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100UL 1990
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100EX 1999
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100UX 1999
Fit for Suzuki GP100 GP100X 1999
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125C 1978
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125N 1992
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125X 1999
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125UC 1978
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125UN 1992
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125D 1983
Fit for Suzuki GP125 GP125UX 1999
Fit for Suzuki SP370 1978/1992
Fit for Suzuki SP400 SP400T 1996
Fit for Suzuki TF125 1998-1999/2005
Fit for Suzuki TS100 TS100ER 1980-1981
Fit for Suzuki TS50 TS50ER 1982-1996/1999
Fit for Suzuki TS125 TS125ER 1982-1996/1999
Fit for Suzuki TS185 TS185ER 1982-1992/1994
Fit for Suzuki TS250 TS250ER 1992-1996/1999

Fit for Yamaha motorcycle series :

Fit for Yamaha AG100 AG100H 1996
Fit for Yamaha DT100 1974-1983
Fit for Yamaha DT175 1+974-1976
Fit for Yamaha DT250 DT250A 1974
Fit for Yamaha DT360 DT360A 1974
Fit for Yamaha DT50LC DT50 1991-1993
Fit for Yamaha DT50MX DT50 1986-1992
Fit for Yamaha DT80 DT80 1981-1983/1987
Fit for Yamaha GT1 100 1973
Fit for Yamaha GT80 1974-1980
Fit for Yamaha FS1 50 1977-1978/1987-1989
Fit for Yamaha GTMX 1973-1976
Fit for Yamaha IT200 1986
Fit for Yamaha LB50 1978-1982/1988-1990
Fit for Yamaha LB80 1976-1981
Fit for Yamaha LB80 2 1976-1978
Fit for Yamaha LC50 LC50G 1980
Fit for Yamaha MJ50 MJ50J 1982
Fit for Yamaha MR50 MR50 1980
Fit for Yamaha QT50 QT50 1979-1987
Fit for Yamaha RD50 1979/1986
Fit for Yamaha RD60 1973-1975
Fit for Yamaha RD80 RD80 1982
Fit for Yamaha RS100 1975-1976
Fit for Yamaha RX50 1982-1984
Fit for Yamaha RZ50 RZ50 1985
Fit for Yamaha TT600 TT600W 1989
Fit for Yamaha TY50 TY50M 1977-1978
Fit for Yamaha TY125 TY125 1989
Fit for Yamaha TY250 TY250S 1984/1988
Fit for Yamaha XT125 XT125 1982-1991
Fit for Yamaha XT200 XT200 1982-1983
Fit for Yamaha XT500 XT500 1976-1981
Fit for Yamaha YB100 YB100 1987
Fit for Yamaha YSR50 YSR50 1987
Fit for Yamaha YSR80 YSR80 1986

Fit for Yamaha Snowmobile Series:

Fit for Yamaha YS-624 Snow Blower 1994/1996
Fit for Yamaha YS-628 Snow Blower 1994-1997

Fit for Yamaha Generator Series:

Fit for Yamaha EF2800iSE 2012/2015
Fit for Yamaha EF3600 73K 1984
Fit for Yamaha EF4300 73A 1984
Fit for Yamaha EF4300T 73J 1984
Fit for Yamaha EF2300SE 7TD1 1997-1998
Fit for Yamaha EF2800ISE 7WL1 2002
Fit for Yamaha EF2800ISE 7CH1 2004
Fit for Yamaha EF2800ISE 7CHL 2012
Fit for Yamaha EF2800ISE 7CHB 2005-2006
Fit for Yamaha EF3000iSE 7WL3 2002
Fit for Yamaha EF3000iSE 7CHD 2005
Fit for Yamaha EF3000ISEC 7CH3 2004

(Compatibility Chart is for reference ONLY!!!)
(Please Compare with Your faulty unit and the image we provided to Decide Fitment)

Package includes:
1x Voltage Regulator Rectifier

Before installing your new voltage regulator rectifier;

Check the AC output of the stator.
Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator and regulator/rectifier
Check and repair any melted wiring.
Use hi-temp dielectric grease on all connectors.

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Rectifier For Yamaha DT RD 50 80 GT RS100 QT50 FS1 DT 100 175 250 XT 125 200 500

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