Stator Generator Alternator For Kawasaki KDX 200 E H 89 - 06 / KDX 220 R 94 - 05 Generic

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Great quality ignition stator coil that will work with many ATC three wheelers.
An easy fix to replace the ignition source coil on the stator plate.
Requires soldering two wire leads to tabs on this new coil.
It is a very cost effective solution to fix an otherwise very expensive OEM stator plate.
Direct replacement to your original unit
Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation.
All products shipped are tested.
NOT with base.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Quanity: 1PC
Type: Generator Stator Coil

Replacement Part Number:

Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E1 1989
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E2 1990
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E3 1991
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E4 1992
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E5 1993
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-E6 1994
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H1 1995
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H2 1996
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H3 1997
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H4 1998
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H5 1999
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H6 2000
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H7 2001
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H8 2002
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H9 2003
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H10 2004
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200-H11 2005
Fit for Kawasaki KDX200H6F 2006
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A1 1994
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A2 1995
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A4 1997
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A5 1998
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A6 1999
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A7 2000
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A8 2001
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A9 2002
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A10 2003
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A11 2004
Fit for Kawasaki KDX220-A12 2005

Package Included:
1x Primary Ignition Coil Kit

Before installing your new stator
Check the AC output of the stator.
Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator and regulator/rectifier.
Check and repair any melted wiring.
Use hi-temp dielectric grease on all connectors
Our stator may use a different wire color code than your original.
All of the wires are installed in the correct order; please do not change any of the wiring configurations.
This stator is designed as a direct plug-in replacement and should be used as such.
When bolting stator in, always use locking compound.
If our stator includes a pickup coil, always make sure the air gap is correct upon installation.
All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
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