Universal Car SUV Front Rear Parking View Camera Switch 2 Channel Control Box Converter

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Universal Car SUV Front Rear Parking View Camera Switch 2 Channel Control Box Converter

Voltage: 9-16V
Suspend Current: <10mA
Working Power: Max: 50MA, 12V DC
System signal: PAL/NTSC Video output:1.0VPP/75Ω
Working temperature: -20℃-80℃

Product Description
Car Parking Video Channel Converter. Auto Front / Side and Rear View
Camera Video Control Box With Manual Switch
Car Front View And Rear ViewCamera Control Box System
Thanks for purchasing our production. Correct installation and operation can make your driving safely and conveniently.

1.Automatical front view when starting:
When car engine starts,the system will activate the car monitor and front camera to check the front view for 8 seconds, then turn off.

2. Automatically rear view:

When you pull the reverse gear , the system will activate the monitor and rear view camera until the end of reverse, then switches to front view camera video for 15 seconds then shut off.

3. Front view always activate mode:
Press the control switch to enter Front view always activate mode.In this mode, the system will activate monitor and the front view camera always.
To quit the mode, press the control switch again.
Working priority: Back View>Front View

Front view camera power: supplied by control box system.
Rear view camera power: supplied by control box system, or could be supplied by reverselamp power.

1. The small red line on the side of the video input port of the camera is connected to the positive power supply of the front and rear camera.
2. The small red line of the output port is connected to the display trigger line. If the original display trigger line is connected to the reverse light, disconnect it from the backup light first, and then connect this small red line.

Wiring instructions:
☆ Red line: ACC power supply positive.
☆ Black line: ACC power supply negative pole, grounding.
☆ Blue line: Reversing light.

Each individual package included :
1 * Two-Way Host
2 * Input Line
1 * 1.5m Total Output Line
1 * 1.5m Power Cable
1* 2m Paste Switch

Package Included:
The amounts as you choose or as indicated by the title
The color as you choose!

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
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