Usdr usdx+ Plus V2 Transceiver 3W-5W All Mode 8 Band HF Ham Radio Transceiver

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This is a shortwave QRP SSB/CW transceiver. The ultra-small size is easy to carry for outdoor use, using 1602N LCD screen, built-in speaker, support to connect to PC, use digital mode software control such as FT8, JS8, FT4, etc., support CW automatic decoding.

1.8 tracks cover:80m/60m/40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/10m
2.Excellent PCB layout design in line with high frequency circuit design principles to ensure excellent performance
3.Whether using internal battery or external 13.8v power supply, it can achieve 3-5w power in 8 ranges, and reserve SOT-223 and TO-220 pack pads needed to upgrade
4.High emission efficiency, 80m/60m/40m/30m/20m efficiency is greater than 80%, 17m efficiency is greater than 70%, 15m/10m efficiency is greater than 60%
5.High accuracy KDS brand TCXO, frequency accuracy is better than 1ppm, frequency stability is better than 0.5ppm
6.Ultra small size: 83*38*124mm (excluding protruding parts)
7. Abundant interfaces (cat, ptt out, mic/key, k-head mic)
8.All LPF parts use 100v c0g/np0 capacitors
9.Use genuine Omron original magnetic latching relays
10.Use op amp chip with lower noise than LM4562
11.Built-in speaker with cavity
12.BNC antenna interface

The usdx+ update is as follows:
1.Moved the headphone and power key/microphone jacks to the front panel for easy access to the headphone and power button.
2.Move the keys to the bottom of the LCD screen for a larger touch area and a more comfortable keystroke experience.
3.Upgraded built-in speaker effects, double the sound!
4.PCB reserved pads for various upgrades, out of the box, can be used as a template for DIY upgrade learning
5.Quickly change qrp cw frequency.
6.Support cw sidetone volume adjustment.
7.Support cw sidetone adjustment.

List of Functions:
1.Support all modes: usb, lsb, cw, am, fm (ssb mode has good reception effect, but poor transmission effect. AM and FM modes are free, and the effect is not good).Filter dsp filter: 4000, 2500, 1700, 500, 200, 100, 50hz passband.
2.Function DSP functions: automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction (NR), Xmit voice trigger (VOX), RX attenuator (ATT), TX noise gate, tx unit control, volume control, dbm/s meter.
3.Sidebar/Carrier Suppression SSSSB transmit: better than -45dbc, imd3 (dual tone) -33dbc, receive: better than -50dbc
4.Support multi-band support, continuously adjustable 10m within 80m frequency range (from 20khz..99mhz, loss performance)
5.Open source firmware, built with arduino ide; allows experimentation, new features can be added, contributions can be shared via github, software complexity: 2000 lines of software-based Vovox code available for fast full control (qsk and half-qsk operations) or rx/ Auxiliary switch tx for external control of ptt/pa output using fully digital tx-delay stage and software based ssb stage transmitter in digital mode (no cat or ptt interface required): controls the phase of the sill si5351 (by switching at 800kbits/s Small frequency changes under i2c) and magnitude of pa (via pwm pa key shaping circuit).
6.Software-based all-digital SDR receiver stage (optional): The I/Q (complex) signal is sampled from a quadrature sampling detector digital mixer and a 90 degree phase shift is performed mathematically in software ( Hilbert transform) and three independently switchable analog faders (0db,-13db,-20db,-33db,-53db,-60db,-73db) from the pre-receiver by adding Atten sidebands.
7.Receiver noise floor mds: -135dbm at 28mhz (200hz bw).
8.Receiver receiver front-end selectivity: +/-2khz steep 45db/decade tuning frequency rolling.
9.Blocking blocking dynamic range: 20khz offset 123db, 2khz offset 78db. decoder, direct/iambic-a/b keyer.
11.vvfo a/b + rit and split, and the corresponding relay through i2c. supports cat with filter switch (using kenwood TS-480 protocol).

1.Type: hf qrp sdr transceiver
2.Mode: ssb/cw
3.RF output: 10w max at 13.8v dc output at
4.Frequency range: 3.5-30mhz
5.Built-in mic
6.Antenna/connector: 50ohms/so-239

Product Size Chart:

Please note:
1.This product has no built-in battery and no power source. It needs to be equipped by the user. Make sure you don't mind before buying! ! !
2.The power interface is 5.5mm, the power supply voltage is 12.6V, 1A 2A can be used.
3.The battery specification is 11.1V/12.6V 4000mAh lithium battery.
4.You can buy a power supply or battery according to the above values, thank you.

Package Included:
1 x usdx+ Transceiver
1 x Microphone
4 x Machine Foot Pads

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